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Physical Education Teacher


  • We believe self worth is unrelated to one’s socioeconomic status and that all students should have the same opportunities to achieve success.


  • We recognize each student as an individual and realize that learning should be differentiated to enhance the unique gifts and talents of each student to maximize self recognition and potential for achievement.


  • We strive to provide a welcoming environment to make students feel supported in their desire to grow as individuals, encouraging them to make healthy choices that drive not only their physical health, but overall wellness.By providing a safe environment, our hope is to make students feel comfortable and enhance their motivation to perform in an academic as well as an athletic setting.


  • We feel that positive social interactions are a key component to a students’ development.These relationships will guide their interactions as they become productive members of society; maintaining, it is important to provide a safe, constructive environment for students today so they can become successful tomorrow.


  • We know there is a direct correlation between one’s overall fitness and longevity of life.To enhance one’s quality of life, a key component to our program is to instill proper nutritional and training habits for students to follow throughout their life.

Gaston Jr High School

Physical Education/Health 2014-15


Teachers:        Mr. Woodward

                        Mr. Zeilke

Philosophy & Goals:

            Every student has the opportunity to be successful in class no matter what their skill level or ability may be.  Physical Education is based on work ethic and attitude rather than the student’s ability to perform at a higher level.

            Physical Education is education of human movement through movement involving: motor skills; individual, partner, and team activities; expressive movement; and most importantly physical fitness activities for a lifetime, which encourage and promote active and healthy lifestyles.

            Social skills are an integral component of a physical education environment.  Some of these skills include: respect for all individuals and their differences; cooperation; teamwork; leadership; and sportsmanship.


Things to remember in the Physical Education class:


  1. Listen quietly while the teacher is speaking
  2. Be careful;, safety always needs to be considered when participating in P.E.
  3. Try your best.Individuals vary in skill and fitness levels, so as long as you try your best and never give up, you will experience success.
  4. Be respectful, honest and encourage one another.
  5. Never leave class for any reason without talking to a teacher first.
  6. Have a P.E. uniform or appropriate change of clothes for class (must go along with school dress code)
  7. Play hard, have fun, and show up with a great attitude.

8)   Gum, and jewelry that has loops, or hooks, or is considered dangerous, needs to be taken out prior to class.

Discipline Plan:

1st step: If a student is off task or being disrespectful in class, then the student will be given a


2nd step:  Student will be removed from activities, receive a 0 for the day and receive a “Bad


3rd step: Student will receive 8th period and also everything from above.

(Any step can be skipped and other actions can be taken depending on severity of offense.)


Daily 5 points system:

2 points for dressing down (shoes, PE shirt, and shorts’ or sweat pants)

3 points for participation  (ELF:  Effort, listening, and following directions.)

(If tardy, student can only receive a possible 1 point for the day)


This system will also be used for receiving their Health Grade

2 points for showing up with supplies(paper, pencil, work done)

3 points for participation in class (discussion and work)


Bad Marks:  are given for inappropriate behavior in class.  If you receive 4 bad marks in a semester your grade will drop a letter grade.  (A becomes a B)


Grading:  80% of your grade will involve a daily 5-point system.  20% or your grade will involve written tests, skill assessment, and projects. 91%=A, 81%=B, 71%=C, 65=D, Below F


P.E. uniforms are required for class.  Uniforms include a change so clothes and Gym shoes. 


P.E. locks can be picked up at the office and will be given to you after a deposit is made.


Missed Days:  Students may bring a parent note explaining what exercise they did (minimum 30 minutes).  After I have received the note the student will receive full points for the day.  For everyday missed one note is required to make up for the points missed.


Locker room:  Any offenses in the locker room cause double the punishment.  This includes hazing and horseplay.  Lockers will be checked out to students.