Greetings GES Families!

 Wow! What an exciting start to a great year. We had several hundred students, staff, and community members come to the Open House and Tailgater last week to start things off. A special thank you to the PTC, Boosters, School Board, Gaston Market, and Knights of Pythias for all their support, donations, and assistance.

The start has been smooth with several new faces and familiar ones as well in new grades or rooms. This year every classroom is a straight grade without blending double grades and expectations in the same space and time. In addition, we have our walk to intervention ½ hour blocks for both reading and math. This way each student has their core grade level content plus targeted at their achievement level across multiple grades for additional support, challenge, and extension learning.

Our facilities have been equipped with a major upgrade in both technology and air conditioning for students to learn at high levels in clean safe environments. We can’t thank the board and community enough for their support and vision for our schools.

  • Our key focus this year is implementing Oregon’s Response to Instruction and Intervention, RTIi grant.
  • Our school definition is, “Gaston RTIi is a culture where systematic and strategic work addresses the urgency to help all students succeed.”
  • This is how we are aligning with the district vision of Guiding All Students Toward Opportunities Necessary for success:
  • Clear grade level targets for student learning,
  • Specific and timely teacher assessments for knowing student understanding,
  • Targeting instructional strategies and engagement that has an impact,
  • Scheduling individual support and extension time,

Looking forward to a great year with everyone. If you have questions, compliments, or concerns, please feel free to call the office or school staff. Remember to check the website and our district Facebook post for timely information.

 Mr. Larkin, Principal