District Superintendent


Susy McKenzie - mckenzies@gastonk12.org

Welcome to Gaston School District, home of the mighty Greyhounds. Nestled in western Washington County, we serve over 550 kindergarten through twelfth grade students on one campus. The District’s mission/vision is:






Necessary for success

To fulfill the district’s guiding statement, we offer a full range of athletic, academic, and social opportunities. We believe that as a community, we must work together to help students succeed. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to meet the needs of the students we are privileged to serve.

As a District, our goals over the past two years have included:

  1. Improve facilities
  2. Increase Achievement
  3. Offer more CTE classes
  4. Improve school culture

We will complete a $16 million bond project Summer of 2018. In addition, we received a CTE Revitalization Grant and built a new CTE building to house more CTE classes. Our elementary school received a $1.5 million grant to seismically retrofit the building. In addition, the elementary school is beginning its fourth year of RTIi (Response to Instruction and Intervention) and achievement scores are increasing. The high school will begin its second year of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) and it is making a positive difference. Our district embraces PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). Providing safe and sustainable facilities, effective curriculum and instruction, and extra-curricular opportunities to meet the needs of our students is key. I invite you become a partner in helping make our school the best it can be. Go Greyhounds!

Susan McKenzie